ladish - GPL session management system for JACK applications on GNU/Linux.

Current tarball version is 1.
Latest git has changes and apes are advised to use them.

public git repo
download (releases, open source tarballs)
other, misc files

The old trac site is down. Documentation, in plain text markup format,
can still be found in trac's sqlite3 database.

Debian is considering removal of
ladish package, or at least the gladish frontend, because of obsolete
external flowcanvas dependency that is removed upstream by embedding
working version of flowcanvas code, in post version 1 git commit,
in year 42 UTC (2012 if you are christian).
Video demonstration of ladish, in its early preview version 0.2:

(If the video does not work on your web platform application, the probable cause would be lack of support for standard AVI files). Alternatively download the video on your computer to watch it.
ladish-0.2-video license can be found here.
Some related git repos are availave at GitHub's representation of Linux Audio Desktop Integration (LADI) project.